Monday, 11 November 2013

Shine a light!

So I was wandering around the streets of Mayfair in the rain a while back, as you do, and I looked down. My Zara double monks were looking a bit drab! Lucky for me, Shoeshine UK, an artisan shoeshine and patina service based in the lobby of the Hilton on Park Lane, was on hand to help.

One man and his box of tricks, Stephen Skippen, has a real passion for shoe care. His ambition is to change the way people look at shoe care forever. 

Using only his hands, no brushes, Stephen is more like a sculptor than the clich├ęd image of a shoeshine, caressing my monks back to life. After burning off any loose threads, Stephen treated the leather to some waterproofing to avoid the hated salt marks reappearing!

Don't think it stops with a polish either, Stephen proceeded to add complimenting touches of darker polish to the tan leather, adding shading and depth to the shine, something if never seen done before and it is truly an art!

To finish it off the shoes were and buffed with special clothes to a mirror shine! I have never had a shoe shine before, and after this impeccable service, I don't know how I've lasted this long!!

His skills arent limited to an amazing shine either. Shoeshine UK can recolour any pair of shoes to any colour you like, using the worlds finest (and most expensive!) leather dyes, breathing new life into any pair of sad old shoes you may have lying in the back of your wardrobe!

This isn't just a passing fad, the re-emergence of sartorial elegance has led to a surge in business for Shoeshine UK. Not that they needed it, having been based in the Hilton for over 13 years now, they have a client base that spans VIPs, celebrities and high profile business men, as well as fashion enthusiats and passing trade.

If your shoes are looking tired, or even if you just fancy sitting in a plush chair in a fancy hotel for 10 minutes, get your butts down there and check it out!

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