Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back to black?


This is my one man mission to eradicate black socks from every mans wardrobe/chest of drawers. With one exception, extremely formal events (funeral, black tie dinner/dance etc.)

I am starting a sock revolution! If any of you have been following me in instagram you'll have noticed I'm not afraid of a, shall we say, lively sock/shoe combination.

I am a firm believer in using flashes of colour, patterns and textures to lift an outfit from good, into the arena of the great. For example, a black suit is fine, we all know a man looks at his best in a well tailored suit. But.... add into that a colourful sock, a complimenting pocket square, a textured tie? Now that is a whole new ball game!

These little touches, even if they are only glimpsed briefly in the case of a sock, show an insight into your personality, and elevate an otherwise ordinary (no doubt very nice) outfit, into a great, stylish and all together personal look.

Agree? Then join my #sockrevolution on twitter and instagram and show everyone else your sock game!

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